7 Day Onion Dice Class + Feedback

If you’re tired of struggling when dicing an onion–it slips, you almost slice a finger, your eyes are teary, your cutting board is a mess and it just takes too long!

I got you!

(Onion) Dice Dice Baby🔪 is a 7 day class where you'll get prerecorded instruction AND personalized feedback so you can quickly adjust and move on with your prep (without tears and a mess on your cutting board!)

Step 1 - Upload a video of how you dice an onion now (so I can see where you're starting from)

Step 2- Watch the onion dice video tutorial on your own time

Step 3Upload your video and get personalized feedback, quickly (The sooner you get your video in, the more feedback you get until the end of class!)

Sunday, Nov 12th  - Saturday, Nov 18th


It's a limited access class–but you can apply the $29 for this class towards the upcoming round of Chop It Like It's Hot Knife Skills Course if you choose to!

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