Cook Without Recipes: Self-Paced Course

Home cooks are wasting precious time searching for recipes; following instructions for that meal and

then repeating the process over and over


Without learning the foundational aspects of cooking, you’ll keep spinning on that recipe hamster wheel!

Imagine having the freedom to cook whatever you want, with whatever you have because you have the information that really matters when you're cooking

Minimize your mental load by narrowing down your choices and understanding what works and why

I’m a mom of two girls, so I get the time and mental load thing.

 I already did the heavy lifting for you: went to culinary school, cooked professionally for over 12 years.

I took everything you need to know and boiled it down for you in an easy to understand way–all in under 4 hours!

Introducing: Cook Without Recipes Online Course

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Use recipes only as inspiration, (not because you have to)
  • Know exactly which cooking methods to choose for which foods, so your mental load is reduced
  • Understand the proper technique for each cooking method so your food comes out great
  • Substitute and adjust your meals with confidence

    and  feel empowered to cook more home-cooked meals  for you and your family!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Cook Without Recipes

Module 1–Overview/Let’s Set The Table

Get set up for success with an intro, a bit about your classically trained instructor and how these videos will change your focus when cooking 

Module 2–Mise En Place

Believe it or not, *Mise En Place* dramatically affects your cooking. Discover what it really entails as well as all the tools and equipment recs you might want (or not! Good cooking doesn’t require all that much) This is what you need before you dive in.

Module 3–Key Elements

Roll up your sleeves. It’s time to get into the aspects that really matter instead of wasting time on things that don’t. Understand substituting and adjusting so you can get creative and be confident that if things get out of balance, you can always bring it back! No mistakes in cooking–just experimental fun!

Module 4–Choosing Cooking Methods

Instead of reading up and down between the ingredients and instructions, this module breaks down the *master list*, aka, the cooking methods you need and for what foods. Next time you peruse Pinterest, it will be for inspo, but not ‘cause you have to!

Module 5–Technique: Dry Cooking Methods

Learn the exact techniques for dry cooking methods to make your dish a “golden brown beauty”–mouthwatering, and also have amazing depth of flava!

Module 6–Technique: Moist Cooking Methods

Learn the exact techniques for moist cooking methods to make your dishes taste fresh and vibrant or deeply flavored and fall off the bone.

Grab your spot now with one payment of $197


Hey there, I'm Sandy

CIA grad & Cooking Pro, Plantain Lover, and Mom to 2 girls

After spending 12 years cooking professionally in NYC, I became a personal Chef and food blogger but that didn’t quite connect with the calling on my heart–it was the teaching throughout that really made an impact. 

Now as a home cook myself, I can see which areas of my experience actually matter when cooking at home–

And now I want to share it with you.

My Motto: Give a person a fish, and you feed them for the day. Teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.

What you’ll get with Cook Without Recipes

  • Lifetime access to 37 short, (under 12 mins!) fun and informative video lessons (value $699)
  • Downloadable PDFs  ….(Value $49)
  • Question/comment section within the course platform 
  • Cook Without Recipes Private FB Group (optional) for encouragement, community and support


Do I get to keep the videos?

Yes! Your one-time payment gets you access to all the lessons and any updates I make.

How much time do I need to devote to this?

As much or as little time as you like! Each video is under 12 minutes and the entire course is under 4 hours so you can go at your own pace and totally binge it if that's your thing.

I’m fairly good at cooking. Do you think I'd still benefit?

Absolutely. Cook Without Recipes will help you understand cooking better, narrow down your choices to reduce mental load and will help you cook freely without recipes.

I keep a vegetarian [or vegan] diet. Can this work for me?

Yes! While the majority of videos are demonstrated with meat, poultry or fish, I cover vegetables, grains, beans and pasta. The methods I teach can be applied to all foods.

I have a special diet [allergies, dairy-fee, gluten-free, Kosher]. Can this still help?

100%! This is the beauty of learning the cooking methods in detail and understanding substitutions–it allows you to cook for your needs irrespective of recipes! Technique is key.

It’s time to learn the skills behind the recipe so you can have cooking freedom.

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