Chop It Like It's Hot - Knife Skills Made Simple

Many home cooks were never taught proper knife skills and either spend money buying pre-cut foods, risk cutting themselves or just order food because prep takes too long!

Chop It Like It's Hot - Knife Skills Made Simple teaches you to understand, maintain and use knives safely with proper technique so you feel confident with your kitchen knives.

You have my 1:1 feedback on your assignments for 4 weeks!

🔪 You can feel equpped knowing what knives to use, and how to maintain them

🔪You can feel confident about using your knives, (even the larger ones!) and know exactly how to approach and chop food efficiently

🔪You can have fun getting through your prep (even the hard and heavy veggies!)

🔪 You can eat homecooked foods more because the chopping part will be no big deal!

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Chop It Like It's Hot!

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You feel pretty comfortable with your knife skills, but there are some areas where you would like concentrated help. Learn more below.

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