Many home cooks waste time searching recipes–but they're just following instructions for that meal.

With over 12 years of professional cooking
experience, I teach you
the skills behind all
so you feel empowered
in the kitchen to make whatever you want!

Available Products

Chop It Like it's Hot - Knife Skills Course + Feedback

Learn knife skill technique quickly by getting personalized feedback so you can chop with ease!

Cook Without Recipes: Self-Paced Course

This course is focused on the cooking skills behind all recipes so you can have cooking freedom!

7 Days of 1:1 Voxer Support

7 Days of 1:1 Voxer Support–audio, text, photo and video. This is for additional support either after the Knife Skills course, or Cooking Skills course.

7 Day Onion Dice Class + Feedback

Learn how to properly dice an onion efficiently. Video tutorial+ personalized feedback from your video–to learn quickly and feel confident in your technique!

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