Chop It Like it's Hot: Knife Skills Class (+ Feedback)

Your lack of proper knife skills is making your job harder than it needs to be

Proper knife skill technique is what helps you be more efficient in the kitchen and g
etting personalized feedback will make sure you get there quickly!

Imagine you look forward to your food prep because it won't take you forever and you actually enjoy it!


Chop It Like It's Hot - Knife Skills Class (+ Feedback) 

By the end of this class you will:

  • No longer feel intimidated by recipes that call for obscene amounts of chopping
  • Know exactly which knives to use for what, and how to maintain them
  • Chop with confidence and without fear of losing a digit
  • Cut food prep time in half
  • Have fun in the kitchen

And prepare more home-cooked meals for you and your family!

Here’s what you’ll learn inside Chop It Like It’s Hot:

All video lessons are under 10 minutes 

Module 1–Techniques & Methods 

We're getting right into it! You'll learn how to hold your knife the right way, practice honing (which is different than sharpening) and begin testing out different cutting methods and motions.                        You'll submit videos for feedback in this module 

Module 2–Knife Cuts

Once you've got the basic techniques down, we move to applying that to actual knife cuts like small, medium and large dice, julienne and of course we cover the onion and garlic and best techniques to get through them with ease and efficiency. You'll submit videos for feedback in this module

On Your Own – Understanding Knives

Ever wonder what kinds of knives to use when? We cover that as well as the parts of the knife and its qualities so you're prepared and know what to look for if you ever want to upgrade.

On Your Own - Knife Maintenance

This module covers knife safety, care and sharpening (because a sharp knife is a safe and happy knife) so your knives last you a lifetime!

On Your Own - Bonus Videos

  • How to chiffonade and confetti cut
  • How to cut a mango
  • How to cut a watermelon
  • How to cut butternut squash
  • How to cut sweet potato
  • How to supreme citrus

Hey there, I'm Sandy

CIA Grad & Cooking Pro, Mom to 2 girls

After spending 12 years cooking professionally in NYC, I became a personal Chef and food blogger but that didn’t quite connect with the calling on my heart–it was the teaching throughout that really made an impact. Now as a home cook myself, I can see how much knife skills are fundamental and I want to teach you the technique (and give you feedback) so you can chop more efficiently!

What You'll Get With Chop It Like It's Hot Class

  • Lifetime access to the short and informative video lessons–under 10 minutes each!  ($400 value)
  • Accompanying PDF's ($39 value)
  • 4 weeks of 1:1 personalized feedback on your videos! ($2,500 value)
  • Ongoing support in FB group
  • All course updates


Do I get to keep the videos?

Yes! Your one-time payment gets you access to all the lessons and any updates I make.

How much time do I need to devote to this?

The class is self-paced and you have access to return to it as much as you want, but my personalized feedback is only for 4 weeks (starts when enrollment period closes) Each video is under 10 minutes and the entire course is under 2 hours so you can binge it if it's easier, or focus on the first two modules to optimize my feedback and then get to the other videos later!

Do I need special or expensive knives?

Not at all! You need one Chef knife or similar and a cutting board.

Do I need FB to join?

You don't need FB to join because we use a different app for video feedback. The FB group is just extra support if needed.

I'm pretty good with chopping. Can this still help?

My experience has been that home cooks don't know what they don't know and settle when their knife skills can be WAY better and it can enhance their chopping and food prep significantly. 

It’s time to learn knife skill techniques so you can chop more efficiently!

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