Chop It Like it's Hot - Knife Skills Course


1 - There are 5 Modules with concise video lessons that are less than 10 minutes each. (Bonus videos too!) The modules are progressive, so when you finish a module you can move onto the next on your own time!

2 - Upload your videos and get detailed and personalized feedback from me for 4 weeks! You have the ability to view other student videos and my feedback on their assignments too!

3 - You receive the video lessons to refer back to any time! You're also welcomed to join our private Facebook alumni community



  • You love everything about food and cooking, but when it comes to chopping,

    you know your technique needs work

  • You want to cook at home more, but the chopping feels like such a chore

  • You're tired of your food cooking unevenly because your cuts are all over the place

  • You're still using smaller knives, because the bigger knives scare you a little bit

  • You find yourself taking too long with chopping, and it frustrates you


Module 1 - Understanding Knives

  • Parts of a Knife (2:49)
  • Different Types of Knives And what they are used for (4:53)
  • Knife Qualities (4:36)

Module 2 - Knife Maintenance

  • Knife Safety (2:50)
  • Knife Care (3:49)
  • Honing (4:51)

Module 3 - Technique Overview

  • Mise En Place & Work Set Up (4:07)
  • Knife Hand (dominant), Guiding Hand (Non-Dominant) + Coordinating (6:54)
  • Cutting Methods (5:55)

Module 4- Knife Cuts

  • Knife Cuts (10:11)
  • Common Issues (2:23)
  • Onion (8:56)
  • Garlic (4:13)

Module 5 -  Sharpening & Bonuses

  • Sharpening Basics (7:48)
  • You Did It!  (1:50)
  • Bonus: Chiffonade + "Confetti" (2:18)
    Bonus: Mango (5:07)
    Bonus: Watermelon (1:50)
  • Bonus: ***
  • Bonus: ***



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